My graduate program for a doctoral degree at Ohio State University in soil science and plant physiology motivated me to approach my study of the Book of Mormon with the same vigor searching for truth. Living in the same region where Joseph Smith lived, and where the restoration events occurred, enabled me to understand better the impact of geography, as well as the accepted cultural and historical traditions of that time.

I am impressed by explanations of spiritual beliefs in the Book of Mormon. I am impressed with the consistency of the explanations of doctrine and geography and history in the Book of Mormon.

In the seventy years of my life since graduate school, where I became convinced that the Book of Mormon is what Joseph Smith claimed it to be, I have grown to accept and respect it as an anchor to my faith in God, and as a reliable guide as to how I should treat others.

Posted March 2021

I was raised on a farm in Alberta Canada. I attended Brigham Young University. I met and married a lovely student who was raised in Alberta. We were married for sixty four years until she died of ovarian cancer in 2011. We have five children.

I taught at the University of Maine before returning to Canada in 1955 where I worked with the Canada Department of Agricultre in Ottawa, and Swift Current Saskatchewan. During that time I spent a year involved in research in soil science and plant nutrition at the Rothamstead Experimental Station in England.

I was offered employment by Western Cooperative Fertilizers Lrd in Calgary, Alberta in 1965 and subsequently became President of the Company.

I was engaged in 1983 by the Canadian .International Development Agency to head up.their program in Bangladesh, China and Jamaica. I was awarded the Order of Canada for my work with them.

My wife and I served missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Cameroon, Papua New Guinea and North Korea..