William B. Smith

“We handled them [the plates] and could tell what they were. They were not quite as large as this Bible. Could tell whether they were round or square. Could raise the leaves this way (raising a few leaves of the Bible before him). One could easily tell that they were not stone, hewn out to deceive, or even a block of wood. Being a mixture of gold and copper, they were much heavier than stone, and very much heavier than wood.”

— William Smith interview, The Saints’ Herald, 4 October 1884, 644


March 13, 1811: William born in Royalton, VT, one of the younger brothers of the Prophet Joseph Smith born to Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith.


Unlike Joseph, who was generally calm and pleasant, William had a fiery temper, which was often manifest when he was defending the Prophet, the Church, or …

Life Stories
by Susan Easton Black

William, son of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith, was asked if he had doubted Joseph’s testimony in his youth. “No,” was his reply. “We all had the most …


“I was permitted to lift them as they lay in a pillow case; but not to see them, as it …”

Joseph Smith’s Challenging Brother
by Kyle Walker