Peter Whitmer Jr.
1809 ― 1836

They baptized over 120 converts in Ohio, including Lyman Wight, who reported hearing Peter testify that he had seen the gold plates. Of their preaching, Peter’s diary states only, “We declared the Book of Mormon.”


September 27, 1809: Peter Whitmer, Jr. was born to Peter Whitmer Sr. and Mary Musselman in Fayette, New York. He was their sixth child and fifth son.


Peter Whitmer, Jr. (1809–1836) was the sixth child and fifth son of Peter Whitmer, Sr. and Mary Musselman. Peter was one of the official six members of the Church of Christ on April 6, 1830.

Life Stories
by Susan Easton Black

In 1829 twenty-year-old Peter Whitmer Jr. became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith. Their friendship grew as the Prophet and his wife, Emma, and scribe Oliver Cowdery lived …

Why Was Peter Whitmer Jr. Chosen to Witness the Gold Plates?

A KnoWhy from Book of Mormon Central


“Our brothers [Peter, Jr. and Christian Whitmer] … were the first to embrace the new covenant, on hearing it. … they proclaimed to their last moments, the certainty of their former testimony.”