Katharine Smith Salisbury

“[Katharine] told me that while dusting up the room where the Prophet had his study she saw a package on the table containing the gold plates on which was engraved the story of the Book of Mormon. She said she hefted those plates and found them very heavy like gold and also rippled her fingers up the edge of the plates and felt that they were separate metal plates and heard the tinkle of sound that they made.”

— “The Prophet’s Sister Testifies She Lifted the B. of M. Plates,”
The Messenger, October 1954, 1, 6, typescript copy, LDS Church Archives.


July 28, 1813: Katharine Smith was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, the seventh surviving child of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack.


Katharine Smith, the seventh surviving child of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack, was born on July 28, 1813 in Lebanon, New Hampshire.


“Joseph’s younger sister Katharine later told her husband she once tried moving the plates, covered with a cloth, across a table, but that they were too heavy.”

Katharine Smith Salisbury’s Recollections of Joseph’s Meetings with Moroni

by Kyle R. Walker

Katharine Smith Salisbury and Lucy Smith Millikin’s Attitudes Toward Succession, the Reorganized Church, and Their Smith Relatives in Utah

by Kyle R. Walker