Katharine Smith Salisbury Timeline

July 28, 1813

Katharine is born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, the seventh surviving child of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack.

Hill Cumorah

September 22, 1827

Joseph makes his final visit to Cumorah and obtains the plates from the angel Moroni.
Fourteen-year old Katharine hefts the covered gold plates.
Later, she hides them in her bedcovers as a mob searched the Smith family home.

April 6, 1830

The Church is formally organized in Fayette, New York.

June 9, 1830

Katharine is baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by David Whitmer in Seneca Lake, NY at the Church’s first conference.

May, 1831

Katherine moves with the Smith family to Kirtland, Ohio.

June 8, 1831

Marries Wilkins Jenkins Salisbury. They are the parents of eight children.
The couple settles in Chardon, Ohio, several miles southeast of Kirtland.


Jenkins serves a mission for the Church.


Jenkins travels with Zion’s Camp to Missouri, returning to Kirtland.


Jenkins is called to the first quorum of Seventies.

May, 1838

The Salisbury family moves to Far West, Missouri.

February, 183

The Salisbury family flees to Illinois.
Settle in Plymouth, IL, about 40 miles from Nauvoo.

Carthage Jail

June 27, 1844

At the jail in Carthage, Illinois, a mob murders Joseph Smith Jr. and his brother Hyrum.
The Salisburys moved to Nauvoo to be with the other members of the Smith family.

1845-1847 (?)

The Salisburys settle in Fountain Green, Illinois, where Katharine lives for the rest of her life.

October 28, 1853

Wilkins Jenkins Salisbury dies of typhoid fever.

May 3, 1857

Marries Joseph Younger. They eventually divorce.


Based on her 1830 baptism, Katharine is received as a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS Church), headed by her nephew Joseph Smith III.

Katharine Smith Salisbury's Gravestone
Fountain Grove, IL

February 12, 1900

Katharine dies in Fountain Green, Illinois at the age of 86.