Emma Smith Timeline

July 10, 1804

Emma born at Willingborough Township (later in Harmony), Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Isaac Hale and Elizabeth Lewis.

1810s & 1820s

Member of Methodist church at Harmony.

January 18, 1827

Emma is married to Joseph Smith, Jr. by Zechariah Tarble at South Bainbridge (later Afton), New York.

Joseph/Emma Smith
Farm and Home
Harmony, PA

December, 1827

Joseph and Emma move to Harmony, Pennsylvania and Joseph begins transcribing and translating characters from the plates.

Summer, 1829

Emma joins Joseph during the completion of the translation at the Peter Whitmer Sr. farm in Fayette, New York.

Peter Whitmer Home

June, 1829

Emma and Joseph Smith moves to Fayette, New York with David Whitmer’s aid, to continue the translation at the home of David Whitmer’s father, Peter Whitmer.

April 6, 1830

The Church is formally organized in Fayette, New York.

June 28, 1830

Emma is baptized into Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Oliver Cowdery at Colesville, New York.

January - February, 1831

Joseph and Emma migrate from New York to Kirtland, Ohio.

1831 - 1832

Emma and Joseph live at the John Johnson home in Hiram, Ohio.


Edits and publishes A Collection of Sacred Hymns for the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

January - March, 1838

Joseph and Emma flee Ohio for Far West, Missouri.

February, 1839

Exiled from Missouri while Joseph is in Liberty Jail. Relocates near Quincy, Illinois.

May 10 1839

Moves with Joseph after his release from jail to Commerce (later Nauvoo), Illinois.

March 17 1842

Emma is called as the president of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo.

Carthage Jail

June 27, 1844

At the jail in Carthage, Illinois, a mob murders Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum.

September, 1846 – February, 1847

Flees to Fulton, Illinois, eventually returning to Nauvoo.

December 23, 1847

Marries Lewis Crum Bidamon in Nauvoo.

Tombstone of Emma, Joseph, Jr. and Hyrum Smith in Nauvoo.

April 30, 1879

Emma dies in Nauvoo.